Yell County woman charged with husband's murder claims innocence

YELL COUNTY (KATV) - Stacey Lucky is still shaken up from the violent night her husband, Johnny Lucky, died in what police call a murder and what she calls a suicide.

Lucky is out on $100,000 bond and awaiting trial for her alleged role in the death of Johnny Lucky. She was charged with second degree murder on May 24.

Speaking publicly for the first time, she says she is innocent. Her story alleges her husband of five years suddenly became violent on the night of death, with not only her but her 12-year-old daughter.

"He tried to get to my daughter to rape her and I wouldn't let him and he attacked me," she said, fighting back tears.

After a physical struggle that left some bruises that have since cleared up, she claims she escaped and left the room with her daughter.

"The last thing I tell him before I walk out the door is, 'I want a divorce' and he's never going to see me or my children again," she said, sitting in her mother's living room. "I make it to my daughter's side and we hear a gunshot. I never went back in."

Her compelling story is different from the Yell County Sheriff's Department's accounts that read she confessed to an investigator that she killed her husband after he attacked her.

She denies ever telling an investigator she pulled the trigger on the sawed-off shotgun that ultimately killed Johnny Lucky. A medical examiner's investigation determined his death to be a homicide after he was found shot in the head.

On the day of the incident, authorities reported Lucky first said she did not kill her husband but then later changed her story.

Yell County authorities declined to comment prior to Lucky's pre-trial hearing slated for Thursday. However, Sheriff Bill Gilkey says his department stands by the original criminal affidavit from May.

Lucky admits to some memory loss that occurred on the night of her husband's death. Although she claims she cannot remember all the events of May 24, she maintains that she never changed her story.

As Lucky awaits her court date, where she will meet her public defender for the first time, she only wonders of her three children's future.

"They're afraid that not only they lost him but now they're going to lose me," she said.

She says she has pleaded no contest.

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