17 year-old buys car, now wants out

There are problems with a 2003 Impala less than a week after the sale. Why in this case it might be possible to undo an "As is, no warranty" deal.


Buying a vehicle "As is, no warranty" means that you are assuming all risk. If there are problems...those problems are yours.

But Seven-On-Your-Side looks at a case where one family says it has a legal loophole.

Arkansas law sets the age of majority at 18, which means with rare exceptions a minor cannot enter into a contract to buy a vehicle.

Zereak Oliver is not one of those rare exceptions.

Yet Oliver worked a job for nearly a year, saved up one-thousand dollars and was able to buy a 2003 Chevy Impala without any parental involvement or knowledge.

"What did he say when he found out you were 17?"

"He knew I was 17 before I came,” says Zereak. “Because I asked him what all did I need and he said bring money. I was like I don't need a parent or anything and he was like...just come on."

"I was mad," says Zereak’s mom Latasha Oliver. "How come?"

"Because I didn't go with him," says Oliver.

The Impala was purchased at Lane's Motors and Used Cars at 8906 Landers road in Highway 67/167 next to the huge Fireworks World warehouse.

We visited the small car lot. Owner Brandon Jones was not there. The phone number on his sign is out of service. The city will soon subpoena Jones for failing to renew his business license this year.

Oliver says she would have had any car her son wanted to buy test-driven and checked out by a mechanic.

She wants to see the car returned to Brandon Jones' car lot...and her son's money returned as well.

"And you went back to this dealer and wanted your son's money back. Why?"

"Because the car is bad and he is underage for buying the car," says Latasha Oliver.

"And what did the dealer say?"

"He said there ain't no way he could give me $1,000.00 but he could give me $600.00."

When we asked Zereak why he kept his mom out of the loop he says he just wasn't thinking and now admits it was a mistake.

We told Brandon Jones that this car sale violates Arkansas law and gave him nearly a week to undo the deal but he maintains that he did nothing wrong.

In addition to being only 17, Oliver says he wants his money back because a week after buying it the car has stopped running.

Air date: July 25th, 2017

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