$4,800.00 for nothing

Months after being told his AC unit was about to quit it is still working.  And a NLR man is still waiting for his refund.  


He may be out of business...but that doesn't mean he is out of trouble.

Circumstances are heating up for one former heat and air conditioning contractor.

Several customers have contacted Seven-On-Your-Side about Jeremy Rupert.

And to his credit...the former HVAC contractor has issued refunds to most of those people.

Harold Lawrence of North Little Rock just wishes he was one of them.

Lawrence's 10 year-old old air conditioning unit has kept him cool all summer.

But back in early June he was warned by Jeremy Rupert that trouble was coming and the unit should be replaced.

"He came out to check my unit to service it and told me it needed quite a bit of work done on it and that it would be about as cheap to replace it as it would be to service it," recalls Lawrence.

"So did he demand $4,800.00 up front?"

"Well he need $4,800.00 up front to go buy the new unit," says Lawrence.

Rupert never did return to replace Lawrence's heater or air conditioner.

And after several broken promises to return the money, Rupert started making and breaking promises to Seven-On-Your-Side.

On August 15th: “I'm trying to today but it will be 100 percent back by Friday at the latest.”

August 21st: “I will have Mr. Lawrence paid at 9 am.”

August 22nd: “I'm on my way to get the money now to pay Mr. Lawrence. He will have it today.”

August 23rd: “I'm leaving to go get the money to pay Mr. Lawrence back in full.”

August 28th: “I am doing it right now finally.”

Three weeks later...still no refund.

"From what I've found out I was number five,” says Lawrence. “The first four have gotten paid back. And you got Ed Jones' his back for him."

The state's HVAC board received a new complaint against Jeremy Rupert just last week so despite his assurances he is out of the business and no longer taking money up front for jobs...we're not so sure.

Jeremy Rupert took over "Max Air" from his father-in-law. According to the Better Business Bureau, Rupert Heat and Air is out of business.

Air date: September 20th, 2017

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