77 year-old hot and bothered

Martha Green claims she is owed money by the man who once sold her a car.


A Conway woman says she missed one of our newscasts last summer...and it has cost her quite a bit of money.

On Friday we shared with her some more unsettling facts she wishes she had known.

"Altogether you owe me $979.00,” 77 year-old Martha Green says into her flip phone. “$503.00 for the title on the trailer. $300 for the Pod. And $176.00 for the land cleared."

The man on the other end of this call is Daniel Richmond, arrested last August and charged with taking money from parents of his youth basketball team for a trip to Disney World..a trip that never materialized.

In January Richmond pleaded guilty to two counts of felony theft and agreed to repay the parents.

Green says she lives on a fixed income and doesn't have much. One thing she does have is good credit.

She suspects that is why Richmond asked her to help him secure a vehicle loan at a Russellville dealership.

"I don't know why I done it,” laments Green. “My mind wasn't right. I mean...I thought he signed it too. But he didn't. He didn't sign it. So I'm hoping that he'll turn it back in. If he don't I'll have to do something else I guess."

Richmond has pledged to return the car that green helped him purchase this weekend.

But she is still upset.

"I want him to be in the pen for doing what he did to me and to other people,” says Green. “He's walking around free as a bird. They should do something to him. That ain't right. He ain't even said nothing about paying me all this back."

We visited by phone with Richmond early this evening. He says he put a $300.00 money order in the mail to green on Thursday and will repay her the rest of the money as well.

When asked about his criminal history, Richmond says he is a changed man.

Richmond's guilty plea in January required him to pay restitution and serve 30 days in jail. He has done both.

Air date: May 4th, 2018

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