7OYS case updates

Seven On Your Side updates several cases.


A jail term has begun, a bankruptcy case drags on and a long wait for a Medicaid waiver is over.

We have several updates from the Seven-On-Your-Side office tonight, starting with 93 year-old Gretchen Madison. Madison lost one court battle, won another one...but her biggest day in court will take place later this month.

The elderly widow and her builder have been at odds ever since she paid him $64,000 and got a subpar job in return.

A jury found Marcus Dupree innocent of criminal wrongdoing back in 2015, but a judge has found him liable in a civil trial and awarded Madison $200,000.00.

But in order to have any chance of collecting any money, Madison must get Dupree's bankruptcy filing dismissed or changed. That hearing will take place January 25th.

Diana Woodle has begun her jail sentence following her felony theft conviction earlier this week.

Because her husband is a White county sheriff’s deputy Woodle is beginning her incarceration in Cleburne county.

Her days in court may not be over. The insurance company that covered the losses incurred by the Southeast White County Water Association because of her theft may sue Woodle in civil court.

And good news for one Saline county family.

After spending over a decade waiting for a Medicaid waiver to help pay for home care, the wait is over for Skylar Overman.

Governor Hutchinson has made it a priority to reduce the waiting list for physically and mentally disabled Arkansans and their families who desire to avoid facilities or group settings.

Lindsey Overman says that her mom...Skylar's grandmother...helped care for Skylar at home during most of the decade they waited for this waiver. A few weeks after getting the waiver, Skylar's grandmother passed away.

Over 2,000 Arkansas families remain on that Medicaid waiver waiting list.

Air date: January 5th, 2017

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