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Case updates. (KATV Photo)

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - There is good news, bad news and mysterious news out of our Seven-On-Your-Side department tonight.

Some have little hope of getting refunds, some have renewed hope of getting refunds, and the family of a deceased inmate received a letter from him after his death that makes a strange request.

"Can we talk with you Mr. Rupert?"

"I have no comment," answers HVAC tech Jeremy Rupert as he exits a Little Rock courtroom.

"No comment," adds the female accompanying Rupert.

"Mr. Everett's you have his money?"

"No comment," again answers the female with Rupert.

"I can ask. He doesn't have to answer."

Last month, we told you about how 84-year-old David Everett of Sherwood trusted Rupert with $2,800 toward a new air conditioner only to never see Rupert again.

Everett is one of many to make such a claim.

Rupert was in court to face four felony forgery charges. His trial date has been set for August 1st.

Last week, Martha Green of Conway told us how she had paid Daniel Richmond close to $1,000 for several services but had not gotten what she paid for. Richmond promised to refund her money, but so far, she has received nothing.

Also last week, we told you about Adam Bond, a 33 year-old North Crossett man, who was found dead in his cell at Tucker Maximum security prison.

Two days after his death, his mother received a letter.

It asked her to send $20.00 or $40.00 to Sharon Benton of North Little Rock.

Bond said he would explain why later in a phone conversation, but he died before that happened.

The Arkansas State Police is investigating, but in the three week's since Bond's death, neither his mother nor Ms. Benton has been contacted.

Finally, we are closer to closure for those who bought tickets to a major Arkansas music festival back in 2015.

“Thunder on the Mountain” promised to bring the likes of Carrie Underwood, The Zac Brown Band, The Band Perry and more to Mulberry Mountain in Ozark. Nearly one million dollars was spent by concert-goers for passes, campsites and parking. Then “Thunder on the Mountain” was cancelled. Now, nearly three years later, a settlement has been reached. If it is approved by the courts, refunds will be issued.

Members of that class action lawsuit will receive letter and emails soon explaining the terms of this settlement.

Air date: May 8th, 2018

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