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Seven-On-Your-Side case updates. (KATV Photo)

A World War II vet in his final fight, a familiar face back in jail and two more prison deaths that are believed to be linked to a synthetic drug.

We have several Seven-On-Your-Side case updates tonight.

The good news for 91 year-old Wiley Ballow - a fund to help him has been set up at Citizens Bank in Monticello.

The bad news is he still doesn't own the land where he's living.

For those who missed Tuesday's report, Ballow deeded his land to his neighbor across the street, Jack Bennett, for $1.

"I was in an accident, an automobile accident," recalls Ballow.

Ballow was hospitalized in Pine Bluff when Bennett presented him with the paperwork.

The legal documents were prepared by Jennifer Denise Chambers Lemoine, who also served as notary for the transaction. Lomoine is Bennett's niece.

While not illegal, the Secretary of State recommends that family members do not serve as a notary for other family members.

"I didn't know exactly what I was signing," says Ballow.

"Would you have sold your land to Jack Bennett for a dollar?"

"Well of course not," says Ballow.

In our second case update, two years after getting out of prison for swindling people, Howard Gene Hickman is back in jail.

Prosecutors in Garland County allege he took nearly $10,000 in early April to replace a hail-damaged roof but failed to return to do any work or return any money.

Hickman has paid over $11,000 to past victims but still owes them well over $200,000 and hasn't made a restitution payment since March.

And Channel Seven has learned from sources inside Arkansas prisons that the deaths of two more inmates may be linked to the synthetic drug K2.

58 year-old John Howell died Tuesday evening inside Cummins prison and 28 year-old Christian Smith died on Friday - also at Cummins.

The Arkansas State Police is investigating both of these deaths. The bodies of both inmates are currently being examined at the Arkansas Crime Lab.

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Air date: June 20th, 2018

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