7OYS case updates

One Seven-On-Your-Side subject is back home, another is in jail and a third finds a happy ending.


We have updates on several Seven-On-Your-Side subjects.

One is out of the hospital, another is back in jail and yet another case has a happy ending.

Let’s start with World War II veteran Wiley Ballow. He is back home but his lawsuit to get his land back is no closer to being resolved.

Ballow celebrated his 92nd birthday at the VA hospital at Fort Roots in North Little Rock. He spent several months there recovering from an illness...but now he's back home.

Unfortunately, during his time away his attorney Hani Hashem didn't make any court filings in Ballow's battle to get his land back

It has been 175 days since the last filing at the Drew county court house related to Ballow's lawsuit against Jack Bennett.

A trial will not be scheduled until a request is made, and it is not expected that Bennett's attorney Cliff Gibson will request a trial date because as long as the status quo is maintained, his client will maintain ownership of the land in question.

In another update, former HVAC technician Jeremy Rupert failed to appear in court on Monday in Newton county to face a misdemeanor charge.

But he had a good excuse.

The 39 year-old has been jailed in Pulaski county since November 2nd on a slew of failure to appear and failure to comply warrants. Rupert has a jury trial scheduled for March where he will face theft of property, hot checks and forgery charges.

And three weeks-ago we told you about a Little Rock woman upset with the job done by the man who installed her HVAC units.

Well Joyce Walker is very happy now.

That's because another company saw our report and offered to fix Walker's problem free of charge. Everything works fine now. Coming to her rescue was Rescue Heat and Air.

Rescue Heat and Air is based in Hensley, owned by Bruce Patterson and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are not surprised.

If you have a problem and could use the assistance of can call 324-HELP (4357) or send an email to

Air date: December 5th, 2018

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