Alder Security in Arkansas

While our email to Alder Security has received no response, other states have gotten the attention of the Utah-based company.


A security system sales force that has targeted homeowners in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia is now operating in Arkansas.

Tonight we have details about a complaint out of Clark county that will sound very similar to people in those other states.

Two weeks ago a 91 year-old homeowner in Gurdon heard a knock on his door.

The young man outside said he was there to upgrade the World War II veteran's security system.

The salesman was with Alder Security out of Orem, Utah.

But the elderly man's security system was put in by Vivint.

We talked to the man's son-in-law by phone.

"He said they had all his information,” recalls Gary Simpson of Gurdon. “His name and everything about him he said. And he said they were going to update my system and they would also lower the price that I was having to pay for it. So he let 'em do it."

This week Georgia's Attorney General announced a half-a-million dollar settlement with Alder Security after a slew of complaints in that state.

Like in our Gurdon case, the majority of Alder salespeople targeted the elderly and disabled.

They said they were employed by or partnered with the homeowner's existing security system.

And they promised an upgrade or to lower the bill.

"We have called his old security system and they have come and removed the Alder System and put theirs back in and we have carried the Alder equipment to the police station," says Simpson.

If someone visits your home asking to upgrade your current security system tell the salesperson you would like to call and confirm with your company and that if an upgrade is necessary you will be happy to reschedule.

The Arkansas Attorney General's office has received about 50 complaints against Alder security.

If you have a complaint please call the A.G.'s office.

Air date: October 31st, 2017

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