All My Sons Moving and Storage

Former customers use terms like "hostage" and "bait-and-switch" to describe their moving experience with All My Sons Moving and Storage.


When a company's online reputation is suffering, how long does it take to turn it around?

The answer for one Little Rock moving company is three months.

But things may not be as sterling as they seem.

Many of the complaints against All My Sons Moving and Storage have a similar theme: a low quote gets the job but half-way through the move a much-higher moving bill is presented.

"They said...well if you don't pay it we'll have to drive off with your stuff," recalls Krystian Samek of Jacksonville.

"I would never use them again,” offers Cindy Dixon of Searcy. “I think they took advantage of us and the situation we were in."

"He was really rude and just...a little condescending," says Patricia Basinger of Benton.

These customers all regret hiring All My Sons Moving and Storage in Little Rock.

In a statement from a public relations firm, All My Sons says "We are disappointed and surprised to hear about these customer complaints and will contact each of them personally to resolve any outstanding issues."

Despite these complaints, the Little Rock All My Sons franchise has seen its Google rating soar in recent months.

Prior to February, only nine of the 47 reviews listed on Google were 5-stars.

Half were 1-star...the lowest possible.

But of the 44 reviews posted since February, 36 have been 5-stars.

There have been only four 1-star reviews.

A company statement explains the turnaround this way: "In February, All My Sons Moving and Storage implemented a new customer check-out system that encourages feedback via an automated prompt that directs them to Google reviews. We are pleased to see the high volume of satisfied customers..."

Elizabeth Bowles with Aristotle says one explanation for such a dramatic shift in company performance would be new leadership.

An All My Sons operations manager was replaced in January.

"But another option is that they are made up or procured in some way or that they have been offered something to give a review or put in a position of giving a positive review," adds Bowles.

We contacted several of those recent 5-star reviewers.

Melissa Aguiar says she gave All My Sons 5-stars after the company requested the rating.

Sarah Dunlap says she felt pressured to provide a high rating.

Cheryl Pigue says she was asked to fill out the review before her move was complete. She later found damaged items.

Ebone Elliott says All My Sons filled out her review for her and she does not agree with the rating.

And Justin Donaldson...who we did not a sales manager for All My Sons.

There were also several 5-star reviews from people who seem to have no connection or presence in Arkansas.

"The system can always be gamed,” says Bowles. “That said, I think that consumers can protect themselves. I think that they can look at more than just the review online. There are other places they can go."

Like the Attorney General's office, which has received seven complaints over the past 12 months...including one from Craig Bratton who hired All My Sons to move him from Little rock to Benton late last year.

Bratton filed a police report after a $900.00 computer monitor was damaged and a large water jug with over $500.00 worth of coins was missing.

Customer care team member Doug Hillman responded via email that "…without a conviction, the alleged theft did not occur..."

"The guys on the truck were very nice and apologetic,” recalls Dixon. “It was the management staff and the schedulers that were rude."

"I call this whole experience being robbed at i-Pad point," says Samek.

"Find someone else to move your stuff," advises Bassinger.

Here are some things that these customers learned that may help you with your next move:

Get at least three written estimates.

Insist on a walk-through and thorough inventory to help ensure a more accurate estimate.

Pay close attention to what each estimate includes...and does not include. These customers say charges for packing materials, fuel and travel time were not mentioned until midway through the move.

Don't pay a large deposit.

And review your contract before anything is loaded.

All My Sons Moving and Storage is a national chain headquartered in Texas.

As far as the company’s national online review profile, Consumer Affairs currently has 122 written reviews from all over the country.

114 of them are 1-star reviews...the lowest possible.

To read the entire statement issued to KATV by All My Son’s public relations firm, click here.

Air date: May 3rd, 2017

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