America's Pre-owned Selection settlement

It won't impact new complaints, but there may be some satisfaction re: past complaints against America's Pre-owned Selection.


A possible resolution to an ongoing Attorney General's lawsuit won't help current unhappy customers of a Little Rock car dealership.

But it will hopefully benefit past customers.

The owner of a south University car dealership has yet to share his thoughts on this lengthy case and the proposed settlement.

When the Arkansas attorney general sued America's Pre-owned Selection...the attorney general was Dustin McDaniel.

Several different assistant and deputy attorneys have handled the case since.

And now...over four years later…a statement released Friday reads in part "The Attorney General...has reached a tentative settlement which will be made public after all parties have signed the agreement."

"Not even a week later the car broke down," recalls Sherwood’s Preston Flowers.

Flowers says his teenage daughter bought a car from America's Pre-owned Selection. Because it was sold "As Is" she got little relief when it left her stranded.

Same with Leonard Hall and Sonjuan McGriff...who have both told Seven-On-Your-Side this year that their vehicles broke down before they even left the car lot.

"When we went up there he was like I can't give you your money back,” recalls Flowers about his daughter’s car. “You can sign these papers so you won't have to pay the remaining $3,500.00. And uh...that's all we can do."

The A.G.'s lawsuit involved more serious allegations like failing to disclose a vehicle had been totaled and selling vehicles without titles.

Anyone with recent complaints about America's Pre-owned Selection are encouraged to share those concerns with the attorney general.

It's always a good reminder to not purchase a vehicle sold "As Is" until you have asked a mechanic to take a look at it.

Air date: April 27th, 2018

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