Angel Trees ready for you

The Salvation Army is hoping you will adopt an Angel this holiday season.


Stores across Arkansas are both preparing for and hoping for a big weekend.

If you visit one of the indoor malls in central Arkansas, the Salvation Army hopes you consider adopting an angel.

This will be the first holiday season in Arkansas for Associate Area Commander Major Tracey Czajkowski and her husband.

This lifelong Texan has already seen that Arkansas can compete with and beat the Lone Star state when it comes to generosity.

Santa arrives at McCain mall for an afternoon of smiles, hugs, photos, and listening to wishes.

The Salvation Army has been listening, too, and it has compiled wish lists of children in need that you can review at any Angel Tree location.

A little over one-thousand families have been approved for Angel Tree assistance this season.

That means over 3,000 central Arkansas kids are counting on the generosity of others...maybe help deliver a Merry Christmas.

If you think every kid is asking for a video game system or a bicycle, you're wrong. Many of the requests are very modest.

"One of the kids wanted only Honey Buns,” says Major Czajkowski. “You know, I mean, just thinking about that. Another one wanted...and this was heartbreaking to me...but one of the kids wanted to make sure that his mother got a prosthetic limb. So, you know, some of the things are definitely heartbreaking."

Czajkowski says most of the angel wishes can be fulfilled for between $50.00 and $100.00.

All the families in the program have gone through a vetting process where they have proven to be in need of help.

"Come and love our children on the Angel Trees,” says Major Czajkowski. “We really, really desperately need the help with all of the gifts so the kids can have a Christmas that wouldn't normally get one."

Angel Trees can be found inside Park Plaza, McCain Mall and some central Arkansas Walmart locations.

You still have several weeks to adopt an angel, but the Salvation Army hopes to put a major dent in the need this holiday weekend.

Air date: November 22nd, 2017

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