(Another) New roof coming soon

Another new roof is in the future for 86 year-old Marge Phillips. (Photo courtesy: KATV)

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KATV) - The heavy rains we are expecting are weighing heavily on the mind of an elderly Batesville woman we introduced you to last week.

Her roof is still leaking, but a solution is in sight.

The sound of drip, drip, drip will continue to interrupt the sleep of 86 year-old Marge Phillips this week.

But hopefully, the days of emptying pans and buckets are nearing an end.

The home at 432 Bayou Street in Batesville is a century old.

"Well, we redid it in 1959,” says Marge Phillips. “It was an old house before that. But we added two rooms on here."

And lately, the home is showing its age.

We showed you why last week - pans and buckets catch leaks that drip on beds and floors in multiple rooms.

And all this less than two years after Duratec Homes of Batesville put a new roof on Marge Phillips' home.

She hasn't been able to get Robert Calaway back to make things right.

"What does he say when you call him and tell him that your roof is leaking?"

"He can't do anything about it,” answers Phillips. “If he is a professional roofer, why can't he?"

"There is enough money to be made in this industry. You don't have to rip people off."

That is the opinion of Dustin Henderson. He and the guys at “Born to Roof” saw our report last week and have decided to replace Ms. Phillip's roof for free.

"We're going to go assess the situation,” says Henderson. “We're going to look at her roof. It looks like they probably put shingles on a pitch of roof that's really low. What they probably should have used was modified instead of just shingles. Water can collect there and start causing leaks real easily. That's probably what happened. So we're just going to tear it all off and put it on right."

And it looks like this roof replacement will take place next week. When it does, we'll be there.

“Born to Roof” will warranty their work so they are electing to use their own materials, although Home Depot in Batesville did offer to provide the material for this job free of charge.

Air date: February 27th, 2018

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