Another unorthodox exit for Woodle

We are still waiting to get a good look at a felony theft suspect in White county.


Back in July the former manager of a small water association was charged with a felony after a nearly year-long investigation.

The accused was back in court on Wednesday.

We were there too for Diana Woodle’s latest court visit.

And once again...we have little to show for it.

Last time she was in court Woodle snuck out a side door.

This time she exited out the front. But if you think that means you will get a good look at her...think again.

Woodle popped up a hoodie and an umbrella and jumped into a waiting pickup to make her escape. But she will be back in court next month...her attorney Paul Petty once again asking for...and getting...a trial delay.

Woodle faces a felony theft charge dating back to the years she served as manager of the Southeast White County Water Association.

Prosecutor Becky McCoy charged Woodle after both a state police investigation and a state audit revealed missue of a company credit card and unauthorized paychecks issued to Woodle.

The findings put the total amount allegedly stolen at over $350,000.00.

Judge Robert Edwards seemed to make it clear that there will be no more delays in this case...that it will go to trial in January.

That is unless a plea deal is reached.

Woodle's attorney told the judge that the matter is close to being resolved and prosecutor Becky McCoy has confirmed to KATV that plea negotiations are taking place.

Pre-trail for this case is now set for January 3rd with a jury trial to take place the week of January 8th.

Air date: December 6th, 2017

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