Big judgment against bad business

The Arkansas A.G. secures a $1.63 million dollar judgment against an Arkansas man.


Almost two years after filing suit, the Arkansas Attorney General has obtained a $1.63 million dollar judgment against an Arkansas man.

This is welcome news for over 200 consumers who ideally will be repaid after getting ripped off.

Getting a judgment is often easier than collecting a judgment...even when you are the attorney general.

But Leslie Rutledge took action against Jerry Collins when several of her predecessors did not.

When we first met Jerry Collins his RV refrigerator repair business was in Morrilton.

Later it moved to various locations in nearby Plumerville.

"I can tell you this...we're in here to make sure that every customer is satisfied, happy...and we've got lots and lots of customers that way,” Collins told us in 2014. “But we do have a few that are not."

Well...more than a few. Try as far back as 2006.

Attorneys General Pryor, Beebe and McDaniel all received complaints from across the country about Collins but nothing was ever done to slow him down.

By the time we started totaling up those complaints Leslie Rutledge was in office.

In October of 2016 we let her know that since 2001 there had been over 200 complaints filed against Collins from 38 different states.

Two months later the attorney general sued Collins and the fruits of that lawsuit is a $1.63 million dollar judgment.

The judgment orders Collins to pay restitution of $81,454.00 to over 200 consumers. It also calls fines totaling $1.55 million.

We visited Collins Plumerville home with a copy of that judgment hoping to get reaction but no one was home.

The lawsuit names Collins' business...Nucold Refrigeration...but makes note of other company names like RV Fridge House and RV Icebox. Seven-On-Your-Side has not received a complaint against Collins in some time.

In addition to visiting his home we have tried to contact Jerry Collins by visiting his former place of business and by using several different phone numbers and emails.

We have received no response.

Air date: December 11th, 2018

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