Bubble Run reset...but beware

A Bubble Run is cancelled in Little Rock. What the BBB thinks you should know before registering for the new date.

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - It happened in Minnesota, Illinois, Washington and Virginia: a planned race gets cancelled and rescheduled, upsetting paid participants.

Now, it has happened in Arkansas.

It's called a Bubble Run and it was supposed to take place September 30th at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds.

But with little warning and without much explanation, the fun run was cancelled.

Cool Events, LLC is a Phoenix, Arizona company that puts on fun events like bubble runs, foam glow runs, black light runs and black light slides to help raise money for local charities, although none of the registration money paid by a participant goes to any charity.

The Better Business Bureau has issued an alert on Cool Events because of complaints over past events and cancellations.

"They have to have a guarantee of so many people, and sometimes if they don't have that number that they need to meet, the event could shift, the day could shift, the location could shift,” explains Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau. “So yes there are concerns about those type of events, especially when the company is out of state."

Organizers for the Little Rock Bubble Run said the event was “not taking off,” so it has been reset for May 26th. If you bought tickets and can't use them on that date, too bad. There are no refunds.

That's why Rohrer says it is a good idea to pay with a credit card so you can dispute the charge if necessary.

"Also, it wouldn't hurt to call where the venue is or the location to find out to make sure that it is viable and they are prepared and they know that it is going to happen," advises Rohrer.

In fact, different promoters of a Paint Drop event scammed central Arkansas residents. It was supposed to be held at the Metroplex event center, but the Metroplex knew nothing about it.

We have been unable to get a statement or response from Cool Events, LLC. $5,000.00 is required to use the Fairgrounds but that has yet to be paid.

Air date: October 24th, 2017

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