Cabot project heading for a third bid

A Cabot project will be rebid for a third time.


A parks and rec project in Cabot is going to be rebid...again...after questions were raised by KATV about the bidding process.

A statement issued late Thursday afternoon by Cabot's Parks and Recreation commission claims that the prior bid process was in all manners proper but that the commission does not wish for even the appearance of impropriety.

So...the conversion of these baseball fields into three pee wee football fields will have to wait a little longer.

The first time the project was bid most interested contractors offered to do the job for anywhere from $95,000 to $150,000.

But one...Site Work One out of North Little Rock...came in over $30,000 less than everybody else.

Rather than hold company owner Robert Waters to that low bid or throw it out and go with Redstone Construction...the next lowest bidder...minutes from a February meeting explain that "There was a discrepancy pertaining to the dirt work for the Richie Road...project. The department will rebid the contract on March 4th."

Meeting minutes from March indicate that only $370.00 separated the two lowest bids.

The commission's director made a motion to go with Site Work One...the second lowest bidder.

Commissioners voted unanimously to follow his recommendation.

What is not revealed in the minutes from that meeting is that committee Chairman Ken Kincaid is the accountant for Robert Waters, the owner of Site Work One.

Unlike the first two bids, this time contractors will be bidding to not only convert baseball fields to football fields but to also totally renovate all of Richie Road park. Cabot Parks and Rec says it is a change that will save money.

Air date: April 19th, 2018



April 19, 2018

In its April 17, 2018 meeting, the Cabot Parks and Recreation Commission voted to rebid the Richie Road Pee Wee Football Grading Project (hereafter, “the Project”). Although Cabot Parks and Recreation’s prior bid process was in all manners proper, and no bid was formally accepted, the Parks and Recreation board, which is comprised of citizen volunteers, does not wish for even the appearance of impropriety in its bid procurement process. Further, the subsequent rebid will be for a total renovation of the Richie Road Park; bidding all remaining work independently of the Football Grading Project, rather than a comprehensive bid, would have caused undue burden and additional expense to Cabot Parks and Recreation.”

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