Civil suit filed against jailed woman

Diana Woodle pleaded guilty and avoided a trial. Evidence against her is included in a civil suit against her.


Twelve days after her conviction on theft charges, a woman sitting in a Cleburne county jail cell was served papers informing her that she is being sued.

A small water association seeking a large amount of money.

$500,000.00 in punitive damages and another $358,000.00 for actual damages.

That is what the Southeast White County Water Association wants from former manager and convicted thief Diana Woodle.

The lawsuit against Woodle was filed on January 8th and first reported by the Searcy Daily Citizen on Thursday.

Because Woodle pleaded guilty the evidence against her was not presented at trial...but some of that evidence is included in the civil suit.

A legislative audit found that Woodle as Sewco manager overpaid herself over a quarter of a million dollars during a six-year period between 2011 and May of 2016. That is when she resigned after auditors reported suspicious credit card activity.

State auditors also found that Woodle collected medical reimbursements totaling nearly $37,000.00 and made personal purchases with a company credit card totaling over $92,000.00.

Channel Seven was the first to report specifics of Woodle's company credit card usage and those reports led to a state police investigation. The audit includes specifics as well.

Those everyday expenses the Woodles didn't pay for years include:

$18,755.00 for Wifi, cell phones and TV.

$11,026 for horse and pool related expenses.

$10,525.00 to fuel up personal vehicles.

$6,710 to QVC - Home Shopping Network.

$4,147 for private school tuition.

$3,905 for personal property taxes, water bills and driver's license renewals

$3,382 to Starbucks and Schwan's.

There were other expenses listed in the legislative audit's findings as well. Woodle is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence at McPherson women's unit near Newport.

Another water association employee Brandon Johnson is also being sued in civil court.

Air date: March 15th, 2018

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