Company vows to pay

After items fall of a trailer and damage a vehicle behind it, Seven-On-Your-Side tracks down the owner of that trailer.


A Cabot woman says her harrowing trip on Highway 67-167 through Jacksonville two weeks ago could have been much worse.

But now she is enlisting the help of Seven-On-Your-Side to help get her vehicle fixed.

Krystal Hernandez is thankful that neither she nor anyone else got hurt. And she is thankful she can still drive her car.

Now she just wants it restored to its previous condition.

She says the repairs are necessary because a wooden pallet and the items on top of it fell off the trailer she photographed minutes later as she travelled north on highway 67-167 through a construction zone.

"Hit the car in front and then bounced over them and hit my car and I ran over it,” recalls Hernandez. “And when I did it pushed my car into the wall on the left side. And kept driving...the car in front of me and myself were honking, trying to get his attention...and he just was not budging to stop, to look over. So I started taking pictures of his truck."

We have blurred out the company name on the truck in those pictures and we will explain why in just a moment.

Meanwhile...the damage to Krystal's 2012 Kia Optima is mostly cosmetic...but there is some damage nonetheless and she would like to have her car repaired by the company whose negligence damaged it.

"My insurance company wanted me to try and get ahold of them first because I don't have rental coverage and it is not fair for me to be without a car when it is something that they caused," says Hernandez.

Hernandez couldn't contact the company on the side of the truck. And neither could we. The phone would just ring and ring and ring.

So we drove there...and were told that the installation of a new sewer line had cut the phone line.

But here is the bottom line: the company knew a pallet had been lost but didn't know it caused damage and now that they do know...they promise to pay for repairs.

If they don't...we will tell you more about them.

And just like Krystal did...if another vehicle does damage to your vehicle while driving...get as much information as safely possible.

Air date: July 20th, 2017

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