Complaints against Tree Man growing

Omar Rivers promised to repay a Sardis couple $1,250.00 after he took money to cut down trees but did no work. He has paid no refund either.


A extension...but still no refund for an elderly Arkansas couple.

Seven-On-Your-Side surprised Omar Rivers...”The Tree Man”...outside his Benton motel room three weeks ago.

And to no one's surprise...Omar has failed to keep his word.

And since our first story on June 30th we have learned of another homeowner who says he paid Omar Rivers only to never see him again.

"You ain't gonna put me on TV, are you?” a surprised Rivers asked back in June.




"Don't do that now," pleaded Rivers.

"It depends on what happens in this case."

"Oh yeah...I'll get the job done,” pledged Rivers. “I get the job done don't put me on TV. Deal? (laughs)."

"We'll see."

Omar Rivers promised to refund Betty Cockrill's money...$1, July 15th.

Now...nearly a week later...she still does not have her money back after Rivers took it as a down payment to cut down several trees on her property.

He did no work.

"The more lies he tells, and the more things he know I'm not the only person he has went out and did this to," surmises Cockrill.

And Betty is right. Back in May a Mississippi man says Omar Rivers took the same amount from him to cut down a tree and never returned.

"You paid him $1,250.00. What did you get for that?"

"Nothing,” says Don Connolly of Byram, Mississippi (a suburb of Jackson). “Nothing. He never showed up. And it was really startling to me that the poor Cockrills there in Saline county...the exact same amount...$1,250.00."

"I don't want him to call me anymore,” says Betty Cockrill. “But if I don't get my money I want him locked up."

“If he is just going around paying every hotel bill wit the last money he stole he doesn't have any money,” says Connolly. “So I'm looking for him to be stopped and to get help."

There are law enforcement agencies in two states drawing up arrest warrants for Omar Rivers. His whereabouts should be known soon.

If you see Omar Rivers or his truck, send an email with that information to

Air date: July 21st, 2017

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