Concert cancelled, promoter perturbed

Why did Kelly Price skip a trip to Arkansas? That depends on who you ask.


On Monday Seven-On-Your-Side got a few calls from people upset about a Saturday night concert that was cancelled.

While those complaints have been resolved, new complaints are being voiced.

And those complaints are coming from the promotor of this concert, Jeremiah Johnson.

After ten years of bringing artists like 2 Chainz and Kevin Gates to central Arkansas, he says he is through.

If that is true, the last artist he tried to bring to Arkansas was R&B singer Kelly Price.

"Hey everybody,” says Price in promotional video for the concert. “It's your girl Kelly Price and I am so excited. October 14th...I'm coming to the UAPB homecoming. That's right. And I'll be performing at the Pine Bluff Convention Center auditorium that evening. You do not want to miss this. It's about to go down."

According to the contract, Price was to be paid $17,500.00 for her visit to Jefferson county. She got an $8.750 deposit with the rest due "…in cash only, upon artist's arrival into event city...or two hours prior to performance time, whichever is earlier."

"We had sold over 800 tickets already,” recalls Johnson. “But we always be prepared so when the artist comes we give them their money either at sound check, or when she got off the plane or two hours prior to her performance."

But Price never arrived in Arkansas. She explains on Facebook that Johnson was "...begging me to take less money than he agreed to pay me..." and saying the promotor was "hostile and unkind" and has "no integrity."

"I hope she would return those funds and I hope she pays me for the damages she has caused to my name," says Johnson when asked about the deposit he paid Price.

"So it sounds like you may be getting a lawyer."

"Oh yes, I'm getting a lawyer," says Johnson.

Johnson says he has issued refunds to ticket buyers but he is still out the money spent to promote the concert, reserve the venue...and of course the nearly $9,000.00 advance sent to Price.

Under the contract, Johnson is only entitled to half of his deposit back if Price cancels her performance.

Air date: October 18th, 2017

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