CPSC recalls

Grills, strollers and helmets have all been recalled this week by the CPSC.  


This week is only two days old and already there have been three major recalls issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Do you have any of these items in or around your home?

The recalls include a grill that could burn you, a stroller that could put children at risk and a protective helmet that isn't as protective as it needs to be.

Let's start with that helmet.

Pro-Tec is recalling close to 5,000 protective helmets sold at sports specialty stores nationwide and at

The problem is less with the helmet and more with the plastic buckle that helps secure a chin strap. The buckle fails to meet federal safety standards. Full refunds from Pro-Tec are available.

28,000 jogging strollers made by Delta are being recalled because the leg bracket can break...posing a fall hazard to infants in the stroller.

The strollers were sold under the "J is for Jeep" brand. Target and Walmart sold the jogging strollers from August of 2015 through August of 2016 for between $130.00 and $160.00. Free repairs are available.

And finally over 18,000 Saber grills have been recalled.

The problem here is the grills' LP regulator can allow gas to flow at a higher pressure level than intended.

This can result in a gas leak and flame burst from the burner knobs. This has already happened at least 35 times...with at least three users suffering burns.

If you own one of these high-dollar grills you are urged to stop using it and contact saber for a free repair kit.

These three recalls are brand new. If you would like more information on any one of them or if you would like to review other recalled products from recent weeks you can find that information at

Air date: September 26th, 2017

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