Crooked attack on chiropractors

Racists messages are offensive. But who is sending them?


Allegations of racism may not be what they appear to be tonight.

It appears a coordinated effort is underway to damage the reputations of several central Arkansas chiropractors.

We received a complaint about racist text messages and voicemails being sent by employees of a chiropractic clinic.

Then we got the same complaint about another clinic.

And then another.

"We're exposing attorneys allegedly taking advantage of people who are hurt...attorneys who promise to protect your rights. But instead some say they are violating them."

That was the opening from a news story that aired on Channel Seven about ambulance chasers in 2016.

Channel Seven in Detroit.

But someone wants you to think the story involves people chasing down victims on behalf of central Arkansas chiropractic clinics.

Watch how the re-edited version shows video of several Little Rock area chiropractors.

Here is more from the news story:

"What is your advice to other people that might suffer an accident and then get a phone call like this?" "They predators. You know...they talk good. Don't jump into nothing. If someone calls you can says I want to represent, find your own lawyer."

The video was part of a Facebook page called "Fraud Analytics of Central Arkansas." It is an attack on many central Arkansas chiropractors...disguised as consumer education.

It warns that "It has been strongly advised by the Attorney General of Arkansas to avoid several facilities as they are currently undergoing federal investigation for illegal insurance practices.”

We checked with the A.G.'s office and were told "The Attorney General's office has not issued any alerts suggesting Arkansans avoid specific businesses."

Facebook removed that page this week but not before it had been viewed about six thousand times.

As for who is behind it...that remains unclear.

The Attorney General is investigating several complaints against chiropractic marketers made by people who were injured in auto accidents.

Air date: June 6th, 2018

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