Customer: Mechanic's biggest mistake is poor service

Mechanic complaint from Malvern.

MALVERN (KATV) - In business, mistakes will happen. It is how a business owner deals with those situations that inspire either good will or bad.

A teacher trying to supplement his income says his side job has become harder because of a mechanic's mistake.

When he's not teaching at Poyen High School, Tim Turner installs gutter systems.

He used to use a box truck to transport all of his equipment.

When the engine quit, he hired D and B Auto in Malvern to fix it.

"$4, get was basically $3,000.00 for parts and then he was going to rebuild for $1,500.00 is what it amounted to," recalls Turner.

After the attempted repair, he took his truck to a Little Rock mechanic who informed him that the wrong cam shaft had been used, which caused major internal engine damage.

In fact, Turner was told his engine was now beyond repair.

"I can't rebuild it again,” laments Turner. “So I have to have another block plus a rebuild. He needs to find an old motor that's blown up and then rebuild it and then install it."

The problem is Turner says D and B Auto owner Daniel Burley won't talk to him about it.

And Burley hung up on us when we tried to talk to him.

So, we went to his Malvern shop at 826 East Page St. Although the sign said the business was open, no one answered the door.

The only person we got to visit with was a woman walking by who said she has been watching Channel Seven for years and asked if she could take a selfie.

Meanwhile, it is hard for Turner to smile when most of his box truck's engine rests in the box of the truck.

"I'd just like for him to fix my motor," says Turner.

Before we were hung up on, we told Mr. Burley we just wanted to hear his side of things. He replied do what you have to do.

Bale Chevrolet tells Channel Seven that using the wrong cam shaft broke pistons and damaged two cylinders and liners.

Air date: September 27th, 2017

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