Cyber Security Summit

Details about an upcoming cyber security summit.


Arkansas companies will no doubt want to hire some of those cyber grads in the future.

But data breaches are a threat now.

Tonight…how the Better Business Bureau is working to educate business owners about cyber security.

October is cyber security month.

The Arkansas Better Business Bureau wants to help make sure that Arkansas companies don't get hooked by hackers...and, if they do, make sure businesses know what to do.

Cyber security involves being proactive and, if a breach occurs, reactive.

"It can sink a business,” says Janet Robb with the Arkansas BBB. “There are a lot of expenses involved. There are a lot of legal requirements for what you are required by law to do as far as notifying your customer base if you have a breach."

In two weeks...on October 19th...the BBB will be hosting a cyber security summit at Little Rock's Heifer Village education center.

Business owners will have the opportunity to learn of charge...cyber security insurance. What does it cover and what does it cost?

What is the latest technology available to help secure the data that a business collects from customers?

What are the legal ramifications for a company when a data breach occurs?

And what do you need to do immediately to help protect your business and your customers following a hack?

"So these are some of the things that we want to talk about with businesses,” says Robb. “Make sure that they're aware that if they are collecting the information they need to do it securely. How to make sure you are doing it in a secure manner. And then what to do perhaps if you do have a breach. Because there are certainly responsibilities that will kick in."

The cyber security summit lasts only three hours, from 8:00 am until 11:00 am, on Thursday, October 19th.

There is no cost for a business owner to attend the upcoming cybersecurity summit. But pre-registration with the Better Business Bureau is required.

Air date: October 4th, 2017

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