Do you have a license?

44 contractors are cited by a state agency and put on a monthly agenda. Only four of them are licensed.


When a complaint is made against a contractor, it is the job of the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board to determine if the complaint has merit. And if it does...what can be done about it.

It has been a busy month for this state agency.

There were forty-four contractors cited and asked to appear before the Contractors Licensing Board this week.

Forty of them were unlicensed.

One of them is Jeremy Rupert.

Rupert was due in Pulaski County Circuit court on Monday but was a no show.

The Attorney General's office has received a dozen complaints against Rupert.

And Rupert was to appear before the Contractors Licensing Board on Wednesday.

Again...he failed to show.

"We did not have any of the 44 show up for their hearings,” says Executive Director Greg Crow. “Again...quite a few of them had resolved their issues. They had taken care of their customers and we were able to resolve those."

James Young did not take care of his customer.

We told you in December how this handyman was paid in full by a Cabot family but failed to do all the work required of him. The board fined Young $6,000.00 and issued a cease and desist order.

Eddie Colquitt...who we did a story on back in 2014...also failed to show and was fined by the board $3,600.00 and also targeted with a cease and desist order.

Crow says the numbers speak for themselves. If 40 of the 44 complaints involved unlicensed contractors then the solution seems simple: hire licensed contractors.

"Is it a guarantee that someone who has a license will do the job right?” asks Crow. “No. Of course not. But it is again...if you do the math...of the 44 cases we were looking at this month...four of them were licensed contractors. 44...excuse me...40 were not."

One of the few contractors facing a complaint that had a license was Music Man Roofing of Hot Springs. one with the company showed for Wednesday's hearing so as of this week...Music Man Roofing is no longer a licensed contractor.

Crow says it is not enough to ask a contractor to see a license as it could be a fake. Instead, call the Contractors Licensing Board or visit the agency's web site.

Air date: January 26th, 2018

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