Don't get burned by these recalled products

Product recalls.


There are two main reasons why products are recalled. Either they are a choking hazard or they are a fire hazard.

We have handful of recalls that if you're not careful you might get burned.

Every one of these recalls issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission during the first ten days of April involve products that have been deemed burn or fire hazards.

Let's start with a recall involving a big-ticket item: over 100,000 recreational off-highway vehicles sold over the past five years have been recalled.

If the exhaust silencer on these RZR XP 1000's fatigues and cracks, the heat shield may not manage heat, which may lead to the melting of nearby components or fire. If you own one you should stop riding it and take it in for a free repair.

Vornado would be a decent name for an ATV...but instead it is a company that makes space heaters...and the VH 101 personal Vortex electric space heaters have been recalled.

The units can overheat when in use...creating a fire and burn hazard. 350,000 of these space heaters have been sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, Target and other stores nationwide for the past ten years for $30 each. Vornado is offering refunds or replacements.

Container store customers need to pay attention to this recall. 6,000 power bank charging stations are being recalled because overheating can lead to fire.

Refunds are available to anyone who paid $40.00 for one of these charging stations, sold from October through February.

And our final fire and burn related recall involves nearly 400,000 scotch thermal laminators. 3M has issued this recall.

At least ten of these laminators have overheated and warped or melted. If you own one it was likely purchased on Amazon during the past three years for about $20.00.

For more information on these and other recalls you can visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission's web site:

Air date: April 11th, 2018

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