Don't get hooked: Facebook Marketplace scams

The Arkansas BBB doesn't want you to get hooked by scams on social sites like Facebook. (KATV Photo)

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Online shoppers love to find steals and deals, and Facebook Marketplace is one place they like to look.

But beware - some are on the site looking for you.

Amid all the bargains on Facebook Marketplace are some busts, and the Better Business Bureau wants to make sure you don't get hooked.

Automobiles. Smart phones. ATVs. Exercise equipment.

You can find all that and more for sale in your area on Facebook Marketplace.

The problem is sprinkled in among all the deals and steals are scams trying to trick you out of your money.

"They've had people all over the United States and Arkansas has had people who have called up asking about it,” says Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas BBB. “Now, we don't know if anybody has lost any money."

The BBB advises that you not purchase items from Facebook Marketplace or other social shopping sites if you aren't able to see the item and meet the seller in person.

Avoid deals involving shipping or escrow services.

Report scams to Facebook.

And it's not always buyer beware. Sellers have to be on guard, too.

"If they are buying something from you, if you're the one selling, don't take the money and offer to send them money back if they send you an overage," warns Rohrer.

Rohrer says the "Scam Tracker" feature on the Better Business Bureau's website has been picking up a lot of these Facebook Marketplace scams.

You can visit to check and check out Scam Tracker to see if any Facebook Marketplace scams have been reported in your area.

Air date: November 1st, 2017

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