Don't get hooked: Facebook scams

The BBB wants to help make sure you don't get hooked by Facebook scams.

Many of us use Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends. Many more of us use the social site to pass the time and amuse ourselves.

We want to help keep your fun from ruining your finances.

The Arkansas Better Business Bureau knows that many of you like playing games and answering trivia and quizzes on Facebook.

The BBB wants to help keep you from getting hooked by scam artists who know this too.

The quizzes...the questions...the boredom that makes them attractive.

It seems like a harmless way to pass the time. So you click. You play. You answer.

And you may have just opened yourself up to a hacker.

"If you think about the questions that they are asking you...what is your pet's name, what is the first school you went to, who was your sixth-grade teacher...all of those things can be used and people use passwords,” explains Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas BBB.

Rohrer says the best way to protect yourself...from to ask a few questions before taking any quiz or providing any answers on Facebook:

Who created the quiz or site?

Do you have to sign in, share or provide an email address in order to participate?

If the quiz or game is linked to a Facebook you know them?

And will any answers in any way compromise your online security?

"If you're not doing any mobile banking on your phone then...or whichever device...then maybe you're OK,” says Rohrer. “But...if you are doing Facebook on your computer at home at night where you store all of your personal information, could be giving away a lot of information there."

The scam tracker feature on the Better Business Bureau's web site indicates that these scams have been popping up on Facebook pages in watch out.

And if you would like to check out scam tracker just visit

Air date: February 7th, 2018.

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