Don't Get Hooked: Gym memberships

Read the contract and ask the right questions advises the BBB.


If your New Year's resolution includes joining a health club to help shed a few pounds or get in better shape, the Arkansas Better Business Bureau have some words of advice for you.

Before you join a gym, the Better Business Bureau wants to make sure you ask the right questions and read the fine print to help make sure you...don't get hooked.

Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas BBB says there has been an uptick in traffic this week on BBB web sites in Arkansas and across the country.

"Over 250 thousand inquiries,” says Rohrer. “Looking for health clubs. And they're looking to find out what they can do, how it is, where it is located, what are the contracts. And those are the important things we always tell people to get."

Rohrer says that the most important thing to do is determine your fitness goals. Different gyms cater to those who want to add major muscle or lose major pounds.

Also, consider location, cost, hours and classes and equipment available.

Take a tour. Ask about free trials. If you are taking advantage of an introductory offer calculate the cost once the offer is over.

And most importantly, if you are required to sign a sure to read it. Understand it. And pay particular attention to the exit terms.

"Make sure you understand because that is where the heartache will come in,” says Rohrer. “When you...maybe it is financially not feasible for you or it's just physically not feasible for you. Either one of those two things could cause that problem on the back end."

The Better Business Bureau has reviews and ratings of most of the gyms, fitness clubs and centers around central Arkansas.

And to find those reviews just visit www,

Air date: January 4th, 2017

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