Don't Get Hooked: New name, same problems?

Don't get hooked by a new name.


The former operator of a Conway county business claims he is out of the business.

But the Arkansas better Business Bureau is not letting its guard down.

Over the past two weeks the BBB has been getting calls about a new business...the RV Refrigerator Guy.

Upon further examination, the BBB's advice is steer clear so you “Don't get hooked.”

In January Jerry Collins lost a Deceptive Trade Practices Act filed by the Attorney General.

How much he will be asked to pay out to former customers of RV Fridge House, RV Cool Fridge, Nucold Refrigeration and RV Ice Box remains unclear.

The BBB says The RV Refrigerator Guy is operating out of the same Plumerville location as some of those other businesses...but Collins says he is out of the business and has nothing to do with it.

The BBB isn't taking any chances...the new company inherits the old reputation and has an "F" rating until it can prove it deserves better.

"We got a couple of inquiries with customers that thankfully checked with the BBB first,” says Janet Robb with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau. “They said we're getting ready to buy a new air conditioning unit for our RV. We can't find any information on this company. What can you tell us about him? Once we cross-referenced the address we determined in fact it was the same company that had been reinvented under a new name."

If the new company in Plumerville is more reputable than the old companies it will be a welcome change.

"We always hope any company with a bad track record will change their behavior going forward,” says Robb. “But we have yet to see that."

We asked Mr. Collins what he's doing instead of repairing RV refrigerators.

He refused to say.

We asked him if his brother is running The RV Refrigerator Guy.

He says he doesn't know.

The Better Business Bureau does list Jerry Collins as the owner of the new company. Collins says he plans to get that corrected on Thursday.

Air date: July 11th, 2018

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