Don't Get Hooked: Severe weather

Emergency preparedness brought to you by the Arkansas Better Business Bureau and KATV.

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Mother Nature can deliver some cruel blows to Arkansans.

Scam artists who move in after bad weather can make matters much worse.

We have some advice to help make sure you stay on guard both before and after the storm.

Our team of meteorologists will help make sure you know when severe weather is going to hit.

But to help make sure that you don't get hooked by scam artists that hit before and after severe weather, we have teamed up with the Better Business Bureau to create a guide.

It is called "Emergency Preparedness: Before and After the Storm." It can be found by visiting the Arkansas Better Business Bureau's website or by visiting and clicking on the weather tab.

When you do, you will learn what to do in advance of storm season and the dos and don'ts of disaster recovery.

"We are looking for after the storm and what to be prepared for but it is always good to know that those people are out there before the storm, too, trying to scam you,” says Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas BBB. “And they're going to be looking for the same thing. Roofs. They're going to be looking for trees. They're going to be looking for driveways. Fences."

Since most of Arkansas is still in "before the storm" mode, Rohrer says some of the disaster prep steps that you can take right now include addressing tree and roof concerns, creating an emergency kit, creating an important documents packet with your social security card and other hard to replace documents, make an inventory of your belongings and keep your insurance information handy.

"Look at your insurance documents,” advises Rohrer. “Because if you have a home and you have damage you want to know what is covered. But if you know that ahead of time you are going to be able to adjust that if you need to so you can compensate for what you are trying to protect."

Another thing you should do before severe weather hits, sign up for Weather Call Seven so you can receive alerts in your area instantly.

You can subscribe to weather call seven by visiting The cost is anywhere from $10 to $18 dollars a year depending on what device you use and services you choose.

Air date: March 7th, 2018

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