Don't get hooked: Treatsie, LLC

The Arkansas BBB issues a warning about a Little Rock candy subscripton company.


It seems it was a quick trip from sweet tooth to tooth ache for one Little Rock company.

It seems times are tough for Treatsie.

The co-founder of this company tells us that Treatsie is in a tough spot and has a plan to address mounting customer complaints.

Until that plan is revealed, the Arkansas Better Business Bureau advises to steer clear of Treatsie so that you "Don't get hooked."

With profiles in Arkansas Life and Little Rock Soiree as well as mentions in national publications...Treatsie founders Keith Holezeman and Jamie Walden got off to a sweet start.

The 2013 Little Rock start-up offered artisan candy and other confections through monthly subscriptions.

A box was to be sent once a month.

But in 2017 the online reviews turned suddenly sour.

Jason from Michigan says "Worst delivery service ever. Placed my order over three months ago and still have never received a thing. Either they are thieves or just poorly operated."

Ed from Pennsylvania adds "This company is a scam. Do not give them money. You will get nothing in return except empty promises."

All the complaints have led to an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

"A lot of these complaints are coming in from outside of Arkansas,” says Michael Rohrer with the Arkansas BBB. “And they don't seem to be responding to those complaints."

We visited Treatsie's corporate office at 701 West 7th street in Little Rock and did find company co-founder Keith Hoelzeman there.

He declined our offer to do an on-camera interview and explain what is going on with the company.

"We have given the complaints over to the Attorney General and try to get some help in that respect too," says Rohrer.

The Attorney General's office has received five Treatsie complaints. So far two have been resolved.

Right now Treatsie is not accepting any orders and it has suspended all billing.

Air date: July 19th, 2017

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