Driveway scam hits another elderly woman

A door-to-door driveway "repair" contractor now has victims in at least two states.


Older women living alone are a favorite target of door-to-door scammers.

Two weeks ago we told you about an 80 year-old woman who was over-charged in Arkansas on a driveway job.

Tonight, the similar story of an 85 year-old woman in Indiana. three states away but targeted by the same Arkansas man...who may now be an Indiana man...but in either case...he is a man we would like to find.

Respect your elders appears to be a lesson that either wasn't taught to or wasn't caught by Manuel Cooper. The Saline county native has collected over $17,000.00 from two elderly women in two states...for driveway seal jobs not worth anywhere near that amount of money.

The first we learned about was an 80 year-old Benton woman who Cooper charged nearly $8,000.00 to patch and seal her driveway. An expert told us that is over four times what the job is worth.

After that story aired we were contacted by a Little Rock man whose mother in Indiana was also duped by Manuel Cooper.

"They approached her initially with an estimate for what she had mentioned to me was $1,500.00 to $1,600.00 to do her driveway,” says her son, Terry Treece of Little Rock. “And on June the 3rd there is a cancelled check for $6,800.00."

Treece says Cooper returned on July 25th and got his mom to write a second check for $2,300.00.

While the families of the elderly women who paid these outrageous amounts believe Cooper's actions are enforcement disagrees.

"My brother did talk to law enforcement in Indiana and they said yeah, it is an excessive amount but...what can you do?” recalls Treece.

Cooper produced an Indiana driver's license when he cashed those checks, but he is a Saline county native. If you can help us find him, email your tip to

Our attempts to contact Manuel Cooper have been unsuccessful...that is why we are seeking your help.

Air date: October 17th, 2017

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