Family: K-2 caused inmate's death

Another Arkansas inmate death linked to K-2.


The family of an Ashley county man says their loved one died after ingesting the synthetic drug K-2.

He may be one of many prison inmates to suffer that fate this year.

Over the weekend two Arkansas inmates were found dead in their cells.

Even though they were in prisons 100 miles apart...their deaths may be linked to the same drug that killed Adam Bond.

Bond was found dead in his cell at Tucker Max on April 24th. Last week the crime lab called his mother to inform her that his cause of death was being changed to ingestion of a synthetic drug...K-2.

On Sunday 33 year-old Joshua Autry was found dead in his single-man cell at the Brickey's unit near Marianna.

Also on Sunday 30 year-old Kevin Shelton was found dead in his single-man cell at the Varner unit in Grady.

Add those deaths to deaths of other inmates that the Arkansas State Police is investigating...

And to these inmates whose deaths have been linked to K-2 by the Arkansas State Crime Lab and Arkansas State Police.

In 2017 at least 17 inmates died in Arkanas prisons after ingesting synthetic drugs. Several more have been confirmed in 2018.

Prison officials say they are working to get the problem under control and at least two arrests have been made...but inmates continue to die.

Shirley Lyons says she has yet to visit with a state police investigator nearly a month after her son's death.

She wants to show them this letter from Adam that arrived two days after his death.

It mysteriously asked her to send $20.00 or $40.00 to a Sharon Benton in North Little Rock.

There are other inmates who died alone in their cell and we have been told their deaths were K-2 related but there were no state police investigations to help prove it.

We have asked the state crime lab how many inmate deaths have been linked to K-2 so far this year.

We should have an answer next week.

Air date: May 23rd, 2018

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