First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty sends a contractor from Russellville to assist a customer in North Little Rock.

Why would a heating contractor from Russellville be doing jobs in North Little Rock?

Because that is who a home warranty company picked for the jobs -- and one homeowner said it was a bad choice.

Remember how cold and wet it was on the day the Razorbacks played at War Memorial Stadium this year? Jeremy Elliott remembers because it was the first time he turned on the furnace at his new home and the first time he realized that it didn't work. But Elliott didn't panic because a one-year home warranty came with the home.

"It was one of those things with buying your first house of like, 'Oh, this is cool. This might come in handy,'" Elliott said. "And now that we have actually dealt with it, we realize it is not worth it. At all."

Elliott said when he first reported the failure of his furnace to First American Home Warranty he was told a contractor would be right over. That didn't happen.

Weeks later, according to Elliott, a contractor from Russellville called G & G Heating and Air showed up. Attempts to fix his unit failed so a new unit was ordered and installed on Halloween. But the next day, the unit was not working.

Later, Elliott paid a contractor of his choice -- not the choice of First American Home Warranty. He was told G & G Heating and Air had installed his unit incorrectly and even if it had been installed the right way, it was the wrong unit.

Elliott said it didn't surprise him to learn that G & G Heating and Air did not have a permit to do the job.

"There's a co-worker of mine who is going through a similar situation with his heat at the fire station and it just sounds like they keep running you in circles and waiting and waiting until you finally give up and just pay for it on your own," he said.

Earnest and Jonathan Garcia with G & G Heating and Air did not respond to requests for comment over the past week.

Earnest Garcia has been fined by the state in the past for doing a job incorrectly. A North Little Rock city inspector described the company's work as very, very unprofessional.

KATV has been given several phone numbers for First American Home Warranty and is working to help the Elliotts get reimbursed for the money they spent on a new furnace.

Air date: Nov. 27, 2018

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