Former tow company employee arrested

We offered Danny Thompson some good advice. He refused to take it.


A couple of months ago Seven-On-Your-Side offered some unsolicited advice to an employee of a new towing company.

He didn't take it...and tonight we learn why that was a bad decision.

When we visited the office of Tow Storm Towing back on August 18th we were looking for company owner Nick Massey, a Texan.

We found company employee Danny Thompson, an Arkansan.

This week Thompson turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issued.

He is accused of 37 counts of towing vehicles without consent.

We warned Thompson back in August about his boss.

We showed Thompson a video of Nick Massey cussing about the police.

We told him about Massey's troubled past in the towing industry in Texas, where he had his towing license revoked and owes state regulators over $100,000 in fines.

We advised Thompson that it appeared Massey was now trying to pull the same tricks here in Arkansas under a new company name...Tow Storm Towing.

Thompson elected to continue working for Massey, and an inspector with the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board concluded that "...after looking at the business documents he observed the vehicles were towed illegally by Mr. Thompson and Mr. Massey.

There was a hearing on the matter on September 19th. Massey was required to show up...he did not. Thompson was not required to but he was there. Now Massey is by all accounts back in Texas and his former employee was left behind to try to save face at a hearing...and now face charges in court.

Thompson had a video arraignment on Tuesday. He is now out on a $3,500.00 bond.

No arrest warrant has been issued for Nick Massey...but the investigation into his former towing company continues.

Air date: October 26th, 2017

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