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Prescription drug costs...especially for elderly, disabled and low-income Americans...can really put a hurt on a family budget.

Drug discount cards often over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to savings. But one seems to be an exception.

Last summer the Better Business Bureau warned you about prescription discount cards that are big on hype and small on savings.

But now the BBB wants to help you avoid getting hooked by high prices by telling you about a drug discount card that works.

The unpredictability of prescription drugs costs from month to month can wreck a budget.

A Good RX discount card won't help you predict what you'll need next month, but it can help lower what you'll pay for what you need next month.

"This company right here...Good a prescription drug card that actually does work," says Mike Rohrer with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau. "And there are a lot of very good recommendations on their site."

The best ways to save money on your prescription drug costs is to buy generic, shop around, and use a discount card that works.

We plugged three of the most prescribed drugs into the price comparison tool at

Here is what we found:

Synthroid....$4.00 for generic.....$35-$40 with Good RX, $41-$51 without. generic............$102-$109 with Good RX, $236-$294 without. generic.............$215-$243 with Good RX, $254-$284 without.

We found prices can vary significantly from pharmacy to pharmacy.

"You put your zip code in and it tells you exactly where in your area would be the lowest price," says Rohrer.

All you need to share to get a Good RX discount card is your name and address.

It will be mailed to you within four weeks.

In the meantime you can print off a temporary card and begin getting discounts right away.

Air date: July 1st, 2015

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