Hampered by tampering

Tampering with the electric meter on this mobile home prevented the new tenant from relocating in a timely manner.


A daughter trying to get her mom out of a bad relationship has instead gotten herself into a financial bind.

Seven-On-Your-Side is working to dig her out of that hole.

It won't be easy. Because so far the property manager at Whispering Hills mobile home park is unwilling to refund her money.

Katherine Hamilton's mother is currently staying either at a hotel or with relatives or friends.

"Because she was in a domestic violence relationship and she was trying to get out,” says Hamilton. “So she was homeless and she really needed somewhere to live."

Hamilton found her mom a mobile home inside Whispering Hills mobile home park that was ready to move in...or so they thought.

She paid a $375.00 deposit and $375.00 for the first month's rent. Then she called to hook up the utilities.

"When I called Entergy to get the electricity turned on they said that it was on a hold because there was tampering from the past tenants,” says Hamilton. “And so they would have to do their investigation. And I waited about a week and it still wasn't on so I just called to cancel the request."

The property Hamilton is to blame...saying Entergy told him she tampered with a meter or owes a past bill.

But an Entergy spokesman tells us that there was a tampering issue being investigated and linked to the former tenants of the home.

"I've spent $750.00 and I'm hoping to get it all back," says Hamilton.

"But he (George) hasn't given you much hope of that?"


Hamilton says her mother never moved into the mobile home. She was given a set of keys and that is it.

She remains hopeful George will reconsider her mom's situation and refund her money.

Entergy says tampering investigations are necessary to make sure new tenants aren't related to or linked to the previous tenants.

Air date: January 12th, 2018

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