Handy man in over his head

Construction experts say the work being done by this handy man isn't good...and he is not licensed.


Both a state inspector and a local code enforcement officer have reached the same conclusion: a handy man got in over his head.

We visited White county today to see things for ourselves.

Rebecca Kirk has lived in the same home in Beebe for over 40 years. She hopes to be back in her home for Christmas...but right now things are not looking good.

Kirk's modest home survived a direct hit from a tornado in 1999.

But she fears it may not survive the handy man she found on Facebook.

"And there was four or five people on there that had recommended him,” says the 74 year-old Kirk. “And that is why we went ahead and used him...he came and talked to me and that's why we used him."

Kirk's home was paid for but in need of some work. So she took out a $10,000.00 second mortgage to get some new floors and some new doors.

The results so far are not acceptable.

"You've had some experts come over...the Contractors Licensing Board and the inspector here in Beebe. What have they said about the work they have seen?"

"They said it wasn't any good,” answers Kirk. “That's what they said. That it wasn't done right. That's what they said."

Ms. Kirk's son Jerry took up the plywood floorboards that had been laid down to reveal how the supports were installed and secured.

He says bad wood was left in place and key supports were secured by nothing more than a few screws.

"He's not licensed."

"Yeah, I know," admits Kirk.

"Do you think he has the ability to do it?"

"Well I guess he could if he tried,” says Kirk. “I don't know if he's got the ability. He must not have the ability to fix it because he didn't know how to fix it in the first place, you know? I don't know."

Jerry Kirk called us to say our involvement has motivated the handy man to pledge to return this weekend and complete the project to the satisfaction of both Ms. Kirk and Beebe's code enforcement officer.

If he fails to do so we will revisit this story next week and tell you who he is.

Ms. Kirk has been staying with her daughter during this home improvement project. An expected two-week stay has now entered its second month.

Air date: November 17th, 2017

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