Healing Waters damaged by...water

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On Tuesday we showed you several examples of structures damaged by strong storms and heavy rains.

Now we have a look at one more...this time in the town of Shannon Hills.

Last week this Saline county non-profit was saved from closure by a generous donation.

Now, the future of Healing Waters Outreach Center is being threatened by...water?

It's true.

Hard rains on Tuesday have left the ministry facing a hard reality now.

Thankfully the rooms impacted most inside the Shannon Hills non-profit were storage areas.

While we were there our camera captured an electrical short caused by the rain that entered the building.

The leaders here know that a badly leaking roof...even in one less-frequented area...will eventually threaten all 22,000 square feet of the Healing Waters Outreach Center.

"The guys who came out yesterday inspecting the roof that it eventually is going to fall in on us," says volunteer Karen Spears.

And the estimate for a new metal roof to cover the worst half of the $30,000.00.

"We do not have that kind of money to cover it," says Spears. "And if we even had to shut down...we have 57 kids here on site that are in a free program...tutoring and mentoring and they have dinner with us...and those kids would not be able to come back."

A "Go Fund Me" drive started nearly two months ago to save the after-school program from financial ruin failed to raise any money, but nearby Everett Buick-Pontiac-GMC donated $3,000.00 to keep the program alive.

Now a new "Go Fund Me" effort is underway to attempt to save Healing Waters Outreach Center from structural ruin.

"It's listed under 'Need new roof for youth outreach center,' says Spears. "And we're just going to do a lot of praying and hope that we are able to fix this roof."

Click here to check out the Healing Waters New Roof "Go Fund Me" page:

Air date: November 18th, 2015

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