Jailed and wounded in White county

An inmate accused of battling an officer is now battling a staph infection.


Jail and hospitals are having to constantly guard against outbreaks of staph infections.

One White county inmate is battling a particular nasty infection...and there is disagreement over whether enough is being done.

On May 13th police say Christopher Cox was using his hands to fight an officer.

Now his hand is fighting a staph infection.

Cox faces charges of battery of a law enforcement officer, fleeing and resisting arrest.

"What should the expectation be for someone in jail as far as health care?"

"Um...they should know they messed up, they're in there,” says Kazia Sumpter of Searcy. “But they should have to, you know, go through all this. They should be able to get the medical attention whether they can afford it or not."

Sumpter is not married to Christopher Cox but she has known him for over a decade and is the father of her two children.

She is concerned about an infected wound on the back of his hand that she claims isn't getting better because he is not getting the medical attention he needs.

"We have a contract through Turn Key Health Clinics where we have a nurse here at the facility seven days a week, 12 hours a day,” says Captain Brandon Grimes. “And they provide medical care to the inmates."

Captain Grimes says that last week the White county jail passed its annual state inspection.

Turn Key Health out of Oklahoma also contracts to provide medical care in seven Arkansas counties...including White, Garland, Saline, Pope and Pulaski.

Captain Grimes says that Cox is definitely getting medical treatment for his hand but because of patient confidentiality laws he could not offer specifics.

"Now the jail is going to tell me he is being treated for it."

"Of course they are," scoffs Sumpter.

"Why do you say that is not the case?"

"Well...because I've seen his hand,” says Sumpter. “So…he's not getting treated for it."

"It's not getting better?"

“No," agrees Sumpter.

Because Cox already had a criminal record and because he is accused of battering a police officer, at least for now he is being held without bond.

On Friday the Benton county jail, Benton county juvenile justice facility and a jail in Siloam Springs will be inspected.

Air date: May 31st, 2018

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