Just say no to

Don't get hooked by That is the advice being shared by the Better Business Bureau after a slew of complaints against the online travel agency.


The power to book a flight used to rest with the airlines or travel agencies.

But now most of us do it by ourselves online.

But an alert tonight about one online travel agency you had best avoid. started racking up complaints last year.

The Arkansas Better Business Bureau wants you to remember the name of this company so that you...don't get hooked.

The prices at are low enough to attract interest from travelers, but they are not so low that it is worth discarding the BBB's advice to avoid the company.

We checked how much a pair of round trip tickets from Little Rock to Paris would cost on three online booking companies.

Our departure was Saturday, July 23rd with a return on Sunday, July 31st.

Travelocity's lowest fare was $1,436.00. was $12.00 higher than that. And Expedia checked in at $1,525.00 for the trip. So all were within $100.00 of each other.

Michael Rohrer with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau says booking with is just too risky...for one reason.

"They're having too many complaints," says Rohrer. "They've had over 250 complaints. So many complaints in fact that two separate BBB offices are handling them."

The BBB advises that you book directly with an airline if possible.

Be wary about offers that sound too good to be true.

Double check your itinerary before paying.

And check out a company's rating with the BBB before booking.

Rohrer says flunks that test.

"They have an "F" rating," notes Rohrer. "They have an "F" rating for their amount of complaints and I think they probably have some unanswered complaints. It changes daily so it is hard to say what exactly is out there on there."

It is also a good idea to pay with a credit card so you have additional protections if a problem with your tickets pops up.

You can read more about this Better Business Bureau alert and others by visiting

Air date: June 1st, 2016

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