K2 linked to another Arkansas inmate death

We learned Tuesday that K2 has been linked to another Arkansas inmate death. The latest death, which occurred April 24th, may be linked to the synthetic drug as well.


There was another death inside an Arkansas prison last week.

The death may undermine the system's contention that more is being done to keep deadly drugs out.

On Tuesday we learned of another Arkansas inmate death linked to the synthetic drug K-2, and we spoke with another family who fears it may explain the death of their loved one.

33 year-old Adam Bond had a parole hearing scheduled for this Thursday.

One week-ago his mother got the news that Adam died alone in his cell.

"The man said is this Shirley Lyons?” recalls Lyons. “I said yes sir but do you realize that it is three-something in the morning? And he said yes but this is a chaplain from Tucker prison. And when I heard chaplain I knew that something had happened to my son."

All Lyons has been told is that her son ingested something, that his body was sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for an autopsy and that the Arkansas State Police is investigating.

Which means it will likely be months before Bond's family gets any answers.

Inmates Devon Lemay, Anthony Howard and James Walker all died during a three-week span back in August and September. The State Police is investigating each death.

Their families are still waiting for answers seven months later.

Another inmate, Christopher Hudson, "...died from synthetic cannabinoid toxicity, and the manner of death was an accident." Investigators say Hudson suffered a head "...injury...consistent with a fall."

It remains to be seen how Adam Bond died...but if it is another drug-related death, his family says it was preventable.

"One of the guards, you know, they mentioned the fact that people are throwing it over the fence,” says Bond’s sister Robin Berryman. “Well if you know the stuff is coming over the fence why are you not checking these perimeters before you let any of the inmates out?"

"Everybody that I have talked to...all my son’s friends and them that's ever been to prison...says that 90 percent of the drugs coming into the prison is by the guards,” contends Lyons. “The guards are doing it to supplement their pay. Because their pay wage is so low."

The family of Adam Bond questions the commitment of the prison system when it comes to keeping dangerous drugs out, and they say every time a young, otherwise healthy inmate dies alone in his cell it supports their belief.

In February we reported that the state prison system was offering more training, adding more body scanners and pushing for more prosecutions in an effort to keep drugs out.

Air date: May 1st, 2018

UPDATE: If you would like to help Shirley Lyons pay for cremation and other funeral expenses associated with Adam's death visit this Go Fund Me page:

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