KATV viewers to the rescue

A Little Rock woman has a new HVAC system thanks in part to KATV viewers. (Photo courtesy: KATV)

With an Arkansas home warranty company refusing to budge and colder weather in the forecast, an elderly woman's prayers for a new heating system seemed to be going unanswered.

But that all changed Tuesday.

After we shared 87-year-old Bennie Griffin's story last week, several KATV viewers offered to help. And because one anonymous donor agreed to pay the $355 needed for new duct work that First American Home Warranty says was not covered under Ms. Griffin's contract, her new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system has been installed.

It stopped working in November. Griffin says she didn't have the money to pay for new duct work and under the premier plan she purchased, she should not have to.

The generosity of a stranger means Griffin won't have any more frustrating phone calls with home warranty representatives.

"I let [a home warranty representative] have it yesterday," recalls Griffin.

She continued: "I told her that the way you treat people, you will reap that. I told her I'm not mad at you but you will reap what you sow. And I told her I would forgive her for what she put me through."

A statement issued by a First American Home Warranty spokesman states, "Out of respect for the privacy of our customers, First American Home Warranty does not comment on the details of customer claims. However, it is important to understand that in order to provide our customers with affordable home warranties, our coverage is limited to the terms of our contract. As a result, we are unable to pay for repairs or replace items not covered."

Jason Harris, an installation manager with Pine Bluff-based SmartCool Arkansas, says communication between a customer and home warranty company often could be better. He said that can leave "some gray areas in there that the homeowner is not sure of."

The people who helped Griffin did so anonymously.

"I want to say thank them and God bless them," Griffin says.

Harris says the key to avoiding problems with your HVAC system and avoid having to call a home warranty company is preventative maintenance. That means keeping air filters clean, drains clear and getting the system inspected annually.

Griffin says her home warranty payment is deducted monthly out of her checking account and she has had her policy for many years.

Air date: Jan. 8th, 2019

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