Land deal revisited as trial nears

Next month one of the people involved in this $45,000 land purchase will stand trial, accused of stealing $360,000 from her employer over a five year period.


Unless she gets a plea deal from prosecutors, the felony theft trial for Diana Woodle is set to begin in two weeks.

She is the former water company manager accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her employer.

Tonight…a look at one place that money may have gone.

In 2013 when Diana Woodle and her husband wanted to buy some land so their daughter could ride her horse, they just cut a check.

County records indicate the land...nearly 25 acres right behind their rural White county home near the West Point community...was purchased in September of 2013 for $45,000.00.

At least one neighbor was surprised by the purchase, wondering how the salaries of a deputy sheriff and the manager of a small water association could support such a deal.

It would come out years later that Diana Woodle was suspected of stealing over $360,000.00 during a five year period from the Southeast White County Water Association. Prosecutors plan to prove that she not only misused her company credit card but also issued herself unauthorized and undeserved paychecks which in at least one year more than doubled her annual salary.

It was the Woodles who pursued the land purchase. The previous owner had at first resisted selling but medical bills and other expenses forced a reconsideration. The Woodles paid the price the seller demanded...$1,800.00 an acre.

County records indicate the pasture land...which was home to at least one cow and one donkey on our visit...was sold to Dewey and Diana Woodle.

If a company credit card was being used to pay for private school tuition, pool supplies, and vet and horse-related expenses it might free up cash for something a land deal.

A pre-trial hearing for Diana Woodle is set for December 6th with the actual trial...assuming a plea deal is not reached...scheduled for December 12th.

Diana Woodle was charged with felony theft after the completion of both a state audit and a state police investigation.

Air date: November 28th, 2017

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