Lawsuit filed against mechanic

Auto mechanic Chester Sanders is being sued.


After watching a Seven-On-Your-Side report earlier this month about a woman's dispute with her auto mechanic, an attorney is stepping in to help.

The lawsuit accuses mechanic Chester Sanders with Mabelvale Automotive of a bait-and-switch...agreeing to tow, inspect and store a vehicle for $300.00 and then demanding more than ten times that amount to release the vehicle.

When we caught up with Sanders at his shop on June first...we asked him how much work he had done on Anna Phifer's vehicle.

"I brought it in,” Sanders told us inside his shop. “Took a compression check. The motor is bad. Took the oil pan off. Make everything...I charged 'em $300.00 for a diagnostic...for towing it and told her to come get her car."

But that is not what Sanders told the finance company.

"They replaced the transmission and the engine is knocking,” a representative told Phifer on the phone. “The overall condition of the vehicle is just needs a new engine. And they were charging $45.00 per day for a total of $5,800.00 and for us to come and get the vehicle."

Rather than pay that huge bill and collect the vehicle, the finance company signed away all rights to Phifer's 2010 GMC Terrain at Sander's request.

And since Phifer can't possibly pay over $3,500.00 in storage fees she fears Sanders will treat her vehicle as his own.

"This person brought her in there under the guise of inspecting her vehicle, towing it and storing it,” says Little Rock attorney Sylvester Smith. “And instead tried to leverage her with these exorbitant and unreasonable fees. They're frankly unconscionable."

Smith saw our report and has agreed to help Ms. Phifer...and other women...get their vehicles back.

"If you're a lady out there that has been victimized by this body shop please call The Firm at 501-429-4885,” implores Smith. “We've already filed the lawsuit. We just need to shift the name from Jane Doe to whomever it is that you may be."

Smith claims Chester Sander's treatment of Phifer and other customers exceeds the bounds of common decency.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday. Once served, Sanders has 30 days to file a response.

Air date: June 12th, 2018

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