Lawsuits fail to slow accused scammer

More than six months after the Arkansas Attorney General filed suit, complaints continue to come in against Jerry Collins and his RV refrigeration repair company.


Back in December Attorney General Leslie Rutledge filed a civil lawsuit against a Conway county business.

She made no secret of her goal: to put a bad business out of business.

But it hasn't worked yet.

And if the recent past is our guide...there is no guarantee that it will work.

Regions Bank sued (in 2013) and won over $250,000.00.

UPS sued (in 2014) and won over $25,000.00.

And First Security Bank sued Jerry Collins and his wife Wendy (in 2016) and won over $4,000.00.

Now it is Attorney General Leslie Rutledge's turn.

“Last December our attorney general filed suit against Jerry Collins and his company in civil court to get him put out of business but you contacted him in June. He's obviously six months later still...still..."

"Yeah, he's still ripping people off," laughs a frustrated Mike Sherrill of Oregon.

Collins and his company...RV Fridge House...offers to repair the refrigerator coils found in RVs.

Travelers nationwide find his internet site and send him money and damaged coils.

The attorney general alleges in her lawsuit that Collins pays Google so that his company name appears first when certain words are searched.

But after money is paid the suit alleges that Collins misleads, evades, avoids and ultimately fails his customers.

Mike Sherrill of Oregon can relate.

"He said Fed Ex lost it and I'm going to get with Fed Ex and try and find out where it is at,” recalls Sherrill. “Well if he doesn't have a tracking number how in the hell is he going to find out where it's at?"

"You know why he doesn't have a tracking number."

"Sure...because he never shipped it,” says Sherrill. “And I know he didn't ship it because I called Fed Ex."

We have asked the attorney general's office to share with us any complaints filed against Jerry Collins over the past six months. We will add that information to this story at

The attorney general's lawsuit has been assigned to Pulaski county circuit judge Wendell Griffen.

Air date: July 27th, 2017

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