Low bidder may get jobbed

The low bidder on a Cabot city project has been told he did not get the job.


The bidding process helps make sure that taxpayers get the most bang for their buck.

But that competition for projects only helps lower costs when the lowest bid is chosen.

In all the years that Brian Rohlman has been a contractor, he has never been the low bidder and not gotten the job.

The city of Cabot has plans to convert a park that has for decades produced baseball memories into three peewee football fields.

Six contractors submitted bids to prepare the land for such a change in usage. The project manager for one of those firms was especially interested.

"He's from Cabot,” says Rohlman of his employee. “He's a city of Cabot graduate. His parents still live here. He actually brought that project into my office and said hey, let's bid this project. It's in my home town. I played sports on these fields. I want to participate in it."

And Rohlman's project manager did a good job.

Crow Paving, Incorporated out of Morrilton is the low bidder.

Rohlman was surprised when he was told by Cabot's city engineer that the Parks and Recreation department was planning to award the job to the second lowest bidder.

For an explanation as to why we were told to ask Cabot Park and Rec's attorney Greg Crumpton.

And we've tried.

Four messages over the past week have gone unreturned and when we visited his office on Wednesday we were told he was not in.

"It's our families, our employees, the guys that run the equipment...the laborers, the operators...their livelihoods depend on us able to get that work,” explains Rohlman. “And so when we are the low bidder and we are qualified and have done all the right things it's important to us to make sure we can follow through and at least ask questions and hopefully obtain responses and then go from there."

Rohlman wants to make clear he is not trying to make waves. He is not going to sue if he doesn't get this job. He just wants an explanation if he doesn't get to why.

Crow Paving bid $79,129.00 for this project. That was $371.00 less than the next lowest bid and nearly $16,000.00 less than the highest bid.

Air date: April 11th, 2018

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