LR spa steps up

One spa closes, another spa offers to redeem gift certificates.


Its' been almost two months since a West Little Rock day spa shut down right after the holiday season buying rush.

Customers left holding gift certificates were out-of-luck...until this week.

On Wednesday the attorney general filed suit against the former owner of Indulgences, seeking restitution for at least 180 customers who paid for services they were unable to receive.

Now...another spa is offering to make good on at least part of those purchases.

Craig Stamper has seen many day spas open and close during his two decades in the business.

Novah Massage Therapy has been open at its current location on Highway 10 for sixteen years.

You would think that when a competitor goes out of Indulgences by Body Bronze did two weeks after would be welcome news.

"Well I was disappointed for the owner because that is never an easy thing for the owner,” says Stamper. “But more importantly we were pretty disappointed for the customers holding gift certificates."

So starting Monday Novah Massage Therapy is going to open up their tables to those holding gift certificates issued by Indulgences.

"Well no matter what they purchased it for over there what we have decided is is that they can come in and they'll get a one-hour massage from us,” says Stamper. “Um...yeah. We just don't want to leave them hanging."

Novah doesn't offer all the services Indulgences did. No tattoo removal for example. But Stamper hopes to help his industry's image by providing free massages to gift certificate strings attached.

There are limits to this offer. But the worst a gift-certificate holder can do is a free one-hour massage.

Air date: March 2nd, 2018

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